World "Threw" My Eyes Photography

Capturing the beauty of Your world

World "Threw" My Eyes Photography is a family ran company who specializes in "FAMILY". We listen to your needs and we provide you with options of happiness.

Our Beginnings

We began looking at our world through pageantry in 2010. Supplying beauty shots on location, head shots for pageant entry and building a professional documentation of events.
In March 2013 we began volunteering with the Southern California Special Olympics. Photographing the school events, the Summer Games, the Law Enforcement/Athlete events, the World Games 2015 California and the Fall Games.
Where ever we are, we're ready to photograph from LA Kiss Football to building a website for Drama Cakes by Cambry.
School events, plays, dance shows, cheer, you name it we will capture it (with proper approval).

Official Special Olympics
20th Pier del Sol Cookbook

We are extremely proud supporters/photographers of the Southern California Special Olympics.

Why Us?

WTME offers a one stop shop for all your needs from hairstyling, makeup artistry, & location scouting. During your consultation you provide us with the information to make your shoot an unforgettable experience.

Here’s a little about who we are. First off, the name possibly “Threw” you off. Yes, “threw” does refer to being tossed or thrown. We chose this name because it truly describes how photography touches our soul. We were out capturing nature and scenes around and “Saw the world”. What we mean by that is something someone else may see as disturbing, we find the beauty in it and to realize that everything captured at different angles tells a whole story. So through our lens, we see another side of everything, so the world “threw” my eyes on how to capture the beauty in things that may not be as beautiful with the naked eye. The confirmation came during an art theory assignment and I had to research a photograph and saw the most "eye" catching photography that was the cover of National Geographics by Steve McCurry called Afghan Girl (below). After reading the story I knew the name was a true testimony to my company and a fit to how photography fit in my soul.

Photographed by Steve McCurry published in National Geographics.
WTME does not own the copywrites to this photograph.